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Quick-Fire Review – PARD NV007 1080P Digital Night Vision Monocular Hunting Camera

PARD NV007 1080P Digital Night Vision Monocular Hunting Camera

The PARD NV007 is a digital rear add on Night Vision device that offers superb night time viewing out to 150 yards with its on-board illuminator in full 1080p colour. If you pair this NV add on with an additional high powered IR illuminator you can generate results over 200yds!

The PARD NV007 comes with the ability to record your hunts, which can be viewed through the device itself. One of the key benefits with the PARD NV007 is its ability to be paired with a huge range of day time optics with a 45mm eyepiece diameter.

When choosing the riflescope to pair with your PARD NV007 we recommend using a scope that has a form of parallax adjustment. Ideally with a PA down to 10 yards you should see the best performance.

PARD NV007 Key Features:

1080P Full colour for day time viewing
1080P Night viewing
Recoil tested for up to 308 calibre rifles
Built in recorder for videoing your hunts
Adjustable brightness and exposure for getting the perfect set up for all conditions
Built in WIFI system to allow for remote viewing through your mobile or smart device.
Takes a micro SD card for saving your videos
Dioptre adjustment
Takes a single 18650 battery (supplied separately) – This unit will only work with the 18650 battery that does not have a nipple
On board compact IR Illuminator with a 3 power modes and zoom function
Built in laser illuminator
Scope mount included for quick on and off mounting
1.5x native magnification
16mm Lens, focusable ensures crisp reticule.

Included in the box:

45mm scope ring mount for rifle scope : fits most rifle scope eyebells upto 45mm diameter.
Replacement O-rings & Allen Keys
Tape for packing eyepiece
1 year warranty

As always, if you have any question, you can directly email us or contact us via phone, we will reply you soon.

If you have any order request, you can buy it from our website, for large order quotation, please email us for more details. We now have some in stock, we can arrange the delivery in 48 hours.

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