A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance from the observer to a target, in a process called ranging, generally used with a camera or gun.

All rangefinders, whether designed for bowhunting, rifle shooting, golf, or some other outdoor sport, work basically the same way.

Once you “aim” the rangefinder at your intended target, you push a button on the device. The rangefinder then emits a narrow laser beam. That beam travels downrange, bounces off the targeted object, and then travels back to a special sensor located on the front of the device.

On OpticsGears.com, you will find different kinds of quality rangefinders for your hunting shooting outdoors…

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LaserWorks Rangefinder Hunting WIN V7 Professional-Class Laser Rangefinder

$ 289.90 $ 189.90

WG500B Night Vision Binoculars 1080P HD Digital Night Vision Device Hunting Camera

$ 399.90 $ 289.90

1080P WildGuarder OWLER5 Night Binoculars Digital Zoom 3x Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Camera

$ 429.90 $ 309.90

500m Laser Rangefinder WildGuarder Abler1 Night Vision Rangefinder Hunting Outdoor Infrared Monocular

$ 389.90 $ 249.90

LaserWorks Bow Sights Rangefinding 300 Yards 5 Pin Four-axis adjustment Range Finder for Hunting

$ 368.99 $ 229.90

Best rangefinder LaserWorks LE032 Mini Hunitng Rangefinders Outdoor Multi-function Monocular Telescope

$ 297.99 $ 169.99

LaserWorks Rangefinder Monocular PRO X7 1000M Golf Hunting Rangefinder with Wireless Charging USB

$ 277.99 $ 149.99

Laserworks Rangefinder PRO X7 600m Golf Rangefinder with Flagpole Lock-Slope

$ 257.99 $ 139.99

LaserWorks Best Rangefinder Camera Professional-Class Laser Rangefinder for Hunting Golf Outdoor

$ 237.99 $ 129.99

LaserWorks 600m Rangefinders for Golf 6X Magnification Power Outdoor Laser Rangefinder with Hunting Slope Mode

$ 247.99 $ 135.99

WildGuarder Bow Sight Laser Range Finder Aimer1 300 Yards Rangefinder Windage Lock For Hunting

$ 329.99 $ 239.99

BIJIA 1000m Monocular Range Finder 6×22 Laser Range Finder Telescope for Hunting Golf

$ 237.99 $ 139.99