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PARD NV007 digital night vision monocular with air rifle for Rat shooting

PARD NV007 digital night vision monocular with air rifle for Rat shooting

Fitting the Pard NV007 to your excisting rifle scope:

The Pard NV007 Night Vision Scope comes with a bayonet quick connect fitting what allows you to place or remove the NV007 in a few seconds to you excisting rifle scope.
We recommend using a scope that has a parallax adjustment. Ideally with a paralax adjustment down to 10 meter you should see the best performance.
When you mention the diameter of your scope in the order, we will supply a custom plastic shim ring what comes between the scope and the aluminum adaptor to gain a perfect fit.
The bayonet adapter is standard 45 mm, optionally there is a 42 and 48 mm available.

The observation range will go up to 200 meter with the 4x objective lens and the enhanced nighttime sentivity and the perfect view by the 800×600 eyepiece.
It has a buid in micro-SD card port (up to 128GB) and it is powered by a rechargeable, replaceable 18650 lithium battery.
High Resolution Video Recording & Photos and WIFI Streaming – allow you to broadcast and record all of your night experience, using your phone / tablet as a viewfinder.
1080p HD with WiFi Video Recording & Photos, red dot function are just some of the many options.

The Pard NV007 comes with: 1x recharagble battery, Quick connect adapter, toolset, USB cable, Isolated tape, Protected box, Manual (english)

As always, if you have any question, you can directly email us or contact us via phone, we will reply you soon.

If you have any order request, you can buy it from our website, for large order quotation, please email us for more details. We now have some in stock, we can arrange the delivery in 48 hours.

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