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Day-scope adapters testing Pt.2/2 for 2020 PARD 007 digital night vision monocular

Day-scope adapters testing Pt.2/2 for 2020 PARD 007 digital night vision monocular, continue with the previous article.

We compared five day scopes with the excellent PARD007 day & night imager

Again the two PARD007 multi-scope adapters we used during these tests were the PrecisionNightVision adapter, for scope eyebell diameters 40-46mm
This uses two nylon split collars, similar to olives in plumbing compression fittings, to accommodate different scope tubes.
…and the EagleVisionCam mega-adjustable adapter, which during the course of the evening we eventually decided was overall the best option for those wanting to use one adapter on many scopes, albeit more expensive @£69.99; for eyebell diameters 39.5mm-46.5mm
This has a single internal collar is split into nine separate ‘fingers’ that come together to together clamp different tube sizes.

We first pointed each of five scopes at the inside of Bruce’s garage door (sub-7m, so sadly too close for many to focus), to show how each reticle / FOV / tunnel-vision effect looked through the PARD007 when optically zooming in and out, then digitally zooming in and out.
I may yet re-do these tests in Spring, when it doesn’t get dark so early, so the initial zooming comparisons can be filmed outdoors with a focused target at 20m. Annoyingly it gets dark up here in Aberdeen at 3:30pm in late December.

We then re-ran the comparisons (door open, after dark), using the PrecisionNightVision VCSEL IR Laser itorch, to illuminate Bruce’s 100yard roof ridgeline benchmark target, though only with Optical zoom this time.
BTW for this video we used a front-mounted add-on IR torch for consistency, as some of the test scopes’ elevation turrets might have partially blocked the PARD007’s excellent on-board VCSEL illuminator.

NOTE: I pre-processed the PARD007 footage, stretching (squishing) it from 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9 ratio) to 1,440 x 1,080 (4:3 ratio) -to return it to ‘proper’ 1:1 shape, so wheels are round once again. This stretching of what is seen by the shooter through the eyepiece, to what is recorded on the MicroSD card is a fault in both the PARD007, PARD008 & PARD008LRF.

The five scopes being compared here are:
• PAO 6-24×56 SFP SWF, SWF, 30mm tube
• Discovery 3-18×50, SWF, FFP, 34mm tube
• MTC Viper-X Connect 3-12×32, SWF, SFP, 30mm tube
• Hawke Vantage 3-12×50, AO, SFP, 25mm tube
• Sightron S-Tac 2.5-17.5×56, SWF, SFP, 30mm tube

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